Follow me, let’s discover and conquer the world.

May 26-June 13

Moscow – a night on the Grand Expres – St. Petersburg – a night on the Bullet Train – Helsinki – a night on the Eckeroline ferry – Tallinn – LuxExpress bus to Riga – domestic air to Sicily –  Malta – and back to Moscow for the last night 

December 26 – January 8, 2016:

Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria and Germany (10 day self-drive tour, visiting castles, forts, thermal baths, sightseeing walks in old towns and Christmas markets, estimating over 2,000 kilometers)

Egerszalok, Hungary – Budapest – Brno – Pernstejn Castle – Bouzov Castle – Karlstejn Castle – Sedlec Ossuary – Prague – Karlovy Vary – Pilsen – Hluboka Castle – Ceske Budejovice – Cesky Krumlov and crossing into Austria: Linz – Salzburg – Hallstadt – Innsbruck – Neuschwanstein Castle (that is already in Germany) – Vienna and back to Egerszalok, Hungary

December 24-25, 2016: Paris, France

November 22-27, 2016: Discovering the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

June 23-28, 2016: Iceland


April 18-May 1, 2016:

Spain and Portugal (17 day self-drive tour, estimating over 5,000 kilometers)

Madrid – Segovia – Santander-Barcelona (Costa Brava) – Valencia – Andaluzia (Granada – Malaga – Benalmadena – Marbella – Gibraltar – Sevilla – Cordoba – Casares – Rhonda) then crossing into Portugal via Algarve – Sintra – Lisbon – Aveiro – Coimbra – Porto – Braga – Evora and back to Madrid. I am estimating approximately 5,000 kilometers

2015 adventures:

August 24 – September 9: Sardinia – Corsica – Nice- Cannes – St. Tropes- Paris- Versailles – Loire Valley and back to Paris (self-drive, ferries and domestic flights)

November 15 – 25: Turkey (10 day self-drive tour, clocking over 3,400 kilometers)

November 25- 30: United Arab Emirates: Dubai – Abu Dhabi – Hatta Mountains (5 day self-drive tour over 1,000 kilometers)

December 25-January 3: Costa Rica (10 day self-drive, over 1,200 kilometers)

2014 adventures:

October 3-10: Greece: Athens, Crete and Santorini (self drive, ferry, domestic air ticket)

I discount small weekend getaways in the United States and a 7-day Caribbean cruise since none of those required any major planning or customizing. That was the first and last time I took a cruise, found a deal I could not pass up; it was certainly nice to get away, skip winter and Christmas holidays altogether but I really missed hitting the road.  I tend to get bored with sitting on beaches chasing fish on Day #3.  A cruise is nice for families with kids, newly weds/couples for a romantic getaway, a group of friends, handicapped and elderly. I myself like to get dirty! 🙂

Stay tuned for a road description and photos!

13 thoughts on “Home

  1. Szilvia really knows how to travel to incredible places without spending a lot of money. Just last year, she enjoyed more travel adventures than many people experience in their entire lifetime. I highly recommend this site to those who want to travel more and live life to the fullest!

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      1. Hello Szilvia,
        Junius kornyeken tervezzuk ket hetet Californiaban a harom fos csaladommal FLoridabol …
        Olcson es minel tobbet szeretnenk latni 😃
        Koszi elore is ,
        Andrea Kelemen

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  2. Szia Szilvia! Nagyon koszonom a magam es a lanyom neveben is a sok hasznos informaciot amivel segitettel minket. A hosszu es faraszto ut ami ele neznek biztonsagosabban es konnyebben jarhato lesz pici babajaval a tanacsaid reven! Orulok hogy megtalaltalak es halas koszonet megegyszer az odaado segitsegert!


  3. Great info!!!
    Love to follow Szilvia ‘s adventure!!!!
    Thank you for sharing your trips!!!!
    I can’t wait to see the next one!
    Be safe!


  4. Love to follow Szilvia ‘s adventures, she always visiting places that others only dreaming .
    Thank you for sharing your trips and your experiments.
    I can’t wait to see your next adventures.Thank you as well for your helps and tips.


  5. Hi there,
    I would like to share my experience with Szilvia and her services. She planned a family trip for us to Mexico, Cancun. She booked a plane tickets, the hotel, she helped us to find a best car rental company. Our vacation was awesome the best ever. She focused all the details, she gave us wonderful tips and useful information. Her service was simple just AMAZING! 100%
    Thank you Szilvia!


  6. Szilvia has been a tremendous help organizing our family vacation in August. She has booked a package for four of us, which turned out to be a fantastic trip. She supported us with the planning to the last-minute paying attention to every little detail: the best place to exchange money; what to pay attention to when renting a car, where to go and what to see during our trip, what to eat and what not to eat…. She responded to all our questions. Her firsthand knowledge of the location was extremely useful. She is the best when it comes to planning any kind of travel. I could not have asked for a better service and I am very grateful to her. I cannot wait for our next trip and I’ll be sure to turn to you for help. Thank you Szilvia very much.


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