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How to Fly for Free – Part 1

I think this is the moment all my friends are waiting for so I’m letting my secret out.

It does not matter where you live and where you would like to travel but this is how I do it.  Since I live in the United States I picked two American airlines that are affiliated with airlines in Europe, Africa, Central and Latin-America, the Middle-East, Asia and Australia.

Please keep in mind that major airlines fly to Hawaii and other remote destinations as well so there is no need to sign up with stand-alone small airlines simply because they don’t give you the same benefits. Wow Air is a low cost airline which I find very appealing but they did not partner up with anybody so I only fly with them if there is no other alternative to save money, given they fly to my destination.

Ok, after you picked your airline now go ahead and create an account, you officially become, what I call is, a frequent flyer, which will open your world for free traveling. You will learn how to earn miles and redeem points for free air tickets.

Now that you became a member of an airline, familiarize yourself with the credit cards they are offering. If you own a business you certainly benefit more from credit cards that reward you with higher number of miles per dollar spent while they give you the most amount of miles as a sign-up bonus, if you do qualify.

Keep in mind that airlines send you credit card offers in the mail as well. If you throw away junk mail without reading, start keeping an eye on these offers because they give you a better sign-up bonus than the ones online. That is what I did.  American Airlines offer 30,000 miles for online credit card applications but I waited until I got their junk mail offering me 50,000 and jumped on the opportunity. You don’t have to mail anything back, the junk mail offers are also done online with a promo code they give you, just make sure to write your frequent flyer member number on the application; your credit card will be associated with your airline account.  Once you qualify it will take about a week to get your credit card in the mail, activate it immediately and start earning your miles and fly for free, like I do! Do not buy anything until you get your credit card and if you can last that long, wait with putting gas in your car as well 😉

I will teach you how to earn miles just by doing what you would normally do on a daily base and how to maximize your earning potential by “double dipping”. I will also show you how to redeem your miles for an award one way, round trip or a multi-destination; when to travel, how to redeem the least amount of miles, how to choose partner airlines for better connections, just to name a few!

Stay tuned folks, more to come!

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4 thoughts on “How to Fly for Free – Part 1

  1. Wow. This is a lot of excellent, well-researched information. Traveling is something that I love but it can also be very stressful. Planning hotels, renting cars and finding places to eat can be very difficult, particularly while traveling on a budget. I want to feel like I got the most and best experience for my money. These tips are very useful and I know that you have learned all of these things through your own person travels– so they are tried and tested!!


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