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How to Fly for Free – Part 2

All right, now that you received your credit card in the mail and activated it, start using it!

I set up all my bills for automatic payments from this account (whoever allows you to pay with a credit card), use it at the doctor’s office, pharmacy, gym, buffet, grocery store, gas station, hair salon, dog’s groomer’s salon, Starbucks, 7-11, any store. Basically, you will be shopping and paying your bills the same way as before, just instead of using your other card with no (mile) benefits, you will be using your credit card associated with your airline account.

You will have to keep in mind one thing: the airline credit card has a high interest rate and depending on your credit you must have qualified anywhere for a 15-22% interest rate, so use your card wisely. I don’t like paying interest but after divorce I needed to focus on fixing my credit and use the bank’s money. If you can afford to pay off the whole amount in the same month, go ahead, people like me with a bad credit should be paying back about 80-90% of the total amount. Now, please note that I am not talking about extraordinary spending here, simply your bills and regular expenses you would have on a monthly base.

Next what you do is this: Go on your airline’s website and check if they participate in a dining network.  Create an account and register your credit card.  Whether you dine out occasionally or regularly, you can start benefiting from joining this program; every time you pay your bill at the restaurant, you will 3 earn miles per dollar spent from the restaurant and also one mile per dollar spent from credit card.  You are already double dipping! Good job, way to go!

Stay tuned, there is more!

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