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How to Fly for Free – Part 3

You don’t need a a PhD to earn miles, if I can do it, so can you. Today we are going to take the next class of double dipping, which will bring you the most amount of miles and earn you a free air ticket faster.

Go on your airline’s website and find a link for Eshopping under Earn Miles. Please do not confuse Eshopping with those SkyMall magazines you get on the airplanes. Ehopping is basically online shopping but instead of going on a store’s website directly you will access the store via your airline’s web portal. I know it sounds complicated but it is very easy.

This is what you do:

On your airline’s website, under Earn Miles, find a shopping link; American Airlines calls it AAdvantage Eshopping (Mall), United calls it Mileage Plus Shopping.  You will have to click around to find this link but once you have it you may want to save it in your Bookmarks to make life easy.  Create an account here as well. After you log in, get familiar with the website because this is what you will be using the most.  If you used to drive to stores, forget it (unless you are happy with less miles), if you used to order everything online, great, keep on doing it because now you will be earning miles left and right. Look around who is particing in the program and whatever your budget is, they cater to you they from Walmart and Kmart, from Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s.  If you love Groupon and Livingsocial, like me, guess what, they participate as well, so from now on you are not only getting good deals but also miles from these online stores, and if you use your credit card for the purchase, you will earn miles from your bank as well. Bang!

Over 200 stores participate with airlines so you can search a specific merchant just by typing the name and see if it pops up but you can get the full list of stores.  If you are shopping for a specific item, like a microwave oven, just type the word “microwave oven” and the website will list all online stores who sell microwave ovens. You can then compare which store gives you the most amount of miles and at the same time you can compare prices and shipping costs as well. YOU WILL EARN MILES PER DOLLAR SPENT! Some stores only give you a mile per dollar spent while others reward you with 15 miles per dollar spent. Occasionally the airline runs a promotion, they can double or triple the amount of miles so watch out for those near holidays.

MY ADVISE: If there is only a small (nickel and dime) price difference between the stores for the same item while one store gives you more mile per dollar spent than the other, go with the slightly more expensive one.  Keep in mind that miles are very valuable and you need them fast. PS: Use a coupon if you can to lower the cost! 😉

Another plus: There are more online coupons, promo codes than regular printable store coupons and if you reach a certain amount, you will get free shipping as well or just use a coupon for free shipping.  You will save gas, time and frustration it you shop at home in your own convenience wearing your favorite PJs; no more driving, fighting for parking, lining up at the cashier or waiting on a shopping cart. Imagine Black Fridays or the Christmas fever! Ew, not me!

You may not know this but there are more sales online than in the stores! Have you heard of Cyber Mondays?

Miles will appear on your frequent flyer account within a couple of weeks from the date of purchase but you will get a monthly statement from the airline as well so you can track your earnings. In case you are missing any miles, you can dispute that online.

Stay tune, folks, there is more!

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