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Credit Card and Foreign Travel

It is not the safest to carry cash with you anywhere, you can get robbed on the streets or in your hotel room. When you land at your final destination just change between $50-$100 to get you out of the airport into your hotel, it will buy breakfast the next day and reserve the rest for those occasions when your credit card is not accepted.

Feel free to use your credit card; it is widely accepted and it certainly has a better exchange rate versus changing your money for local currency in banks or street shops.

Have a piece of mind using your credit card because if there is any unauthorized charge, you can always dispute it back home but if you have internet access over there, you can monitor your account daily from your mobile phone or laptop.

Most credit cards now don’t have foreign transactions fees so you have nothing to lose, on the upper hand, you will earn miles for your foreign transactions as well!

Lastly, most credit cards offer car and travel insurance so if you do rent a car overseas, you can decline their car insurance and simply use your own. As long as it is not a luxury or specialty car, you are covered for theft and collision, which will save you a bunch of money and leave you protected.  My credit card has many other benefits for other type of damages due to trip delays, reimbursement for lost or damaged luggages, medical emergencies, just to name a few. I can also board the air plain with priority (and those who travel with me), check more luggages and once a year I get two club passes to VIP airport lounges where I get free food, specialty drinks and gourmet coffee, while laying down on a recliner.  Last, but not least, you will also get free room upgrades and complimentary breakfast in over 700 hotels worldwide.  Travel in style, my friend, like I do! 🙂

If you do decide to take your credit card with you, you will need to report it to your bank so that they don’t decline the foreign charges. 

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