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How to find a MEDICAL massage therapist/Recommendation in Virginia

You can get massages on any corner, any therapist can help you relax and relieve stress but if you have a condition please consider a medical massage therapist.  Muscle manipulation is not to fool with, pressing the wrong trigger points and soft tissues can worsen your condition which you are trying to fix.  A deep tissue massage is not about “raping the muscle” and beating you up; it is about letting the therapist open or stretch the muscles and realign them. I do want to warn you though: medical massages are not the most pleasant massages but they surely work!

Have you seen injured clients coming out of cheap massage places, Asian massage parlors, especially places using Groupon?   I have! Cheap places are only good when you don’t have a condition but once you hurt yourself please get a real therapist who focuses on anatomy more than massage oil.  In my humble opinion, you are better off by not doing anything about your condition than letting a non expert “work” on you.

How can you tell your massage therapist is medical or not? Very easy:

  1. Medical massage therapists read and understand x-rays and medical records if given to them.
  2. They should be able to work together with your chiropractor and physical therapist.
  3. Medical massage heals by improving the range of motion and reducing pain. It will certainly require a few sessions but once you are done  the therapist don’t have to see you again.  If you are told to keep on returning on a regular base and you only feel relieved temporarily, you are not seeing the right therapist.  You only should be a regular for relaxation type of massages but never medical!
  4. Test their anatomy knowledge by asking a random question on anatomy and physiology or just show them your X-Ray.  Those who took 2-3 day “medical” massage therapy side courses will not know the answer!
  5. Just because a therapist has a NPI number (National Provider Identification number for insurance claims or reimbursements) they are still required to perform tests and assessments, do a chart on you, document your improvements and correspond with the insurance agencies who often audit wellness centers and med spas.  You, as a patient have the right to ask for your medical records even if you don’t file an insurance claim or reimbursement.  Only a medical massage therapist is capable of performing tests and evaluating results, additionally they have a good understanding of anatomy to draw charts.

Now, as you can see, a medical massage therapist means more than just a person taking a 6 month massage therapy course; they have a medical background as well.  There is a shortage of medical massage therapists in Virginia so I’m letting a secret out today.  You are welcome, you can thank me later 🙂

Here is Laz, an experienced therapist with a great reputation from Baltimore to Washington, D.C., from Alexandria to Richmond, Virginia. People drive 2 hours to see him and call him “God” because he “fixes up” patients, rehabilitates them after injuries and accidents and improves the performance of athletes. He worked in a chiropractor’s office for 5 years where he treated over 1,000 patients a year with disc herniation, frozen shoulder, thoracic outlet syndrome, whiplash accident injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome lateral/medial epicondylitis and many more.  He is also experienced in deep tissue, sport, Swedish massages, myofascial manipulation and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation.

He studied anatomy, physiology and kinesiology for 5 years and has done his final case study on sciatic pain management and lumbar disc herniation.  In addition to that he was an instructor of medical massage practical application, anatomy, pathology and patient assessment in Columbia College.

You can book him online at or call Ft Hunt Massage and Spa at 703-765-7275 and ask for Laz!

Packages and gift certificates are available, military discount and occasional promotions are offered.


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