Full Service Travel Agency (Travel Big Spend Small LLC) Registered in Virginia.  Home based business occupancy permit is filed.

One stop shop from consultation to coordination.  Pick anything from extreme tours to wellness vacations, from organized tours to self-drive adventures anywhere on earth.

Whether you want a cruise or an all inclusive vacation on best price for the most value, or if you rather find a tucked away beach with no crowds, I am the expert of that.  If you are afraid of the unknown and don’t know what it takes to travel, let an expert prepare you for your trip.  Whether you only wish to take day trips from your hotel or venture out for a self-drive tour, even cross into multiple countries, let me customize a vacation to fit your time, needs and budget.  Travel with ease and let me do the planning for you, I have 25 years of travel experience behind my back with thousands of miles/kilometers clocked on each road tip!  I have been to 46 countries (and counting) so chances are big that I “have been there and done that” 🙂

I will help you get a passport (if you don’t have one yet) and visa (if needed), recommend medication or vaccinations (if necessary), warn you of high crime in developing countries, war zones to avoid, inform you about border crossings, explain you about paying toll in Europe or using their electronic system (if any), weather and road conditions, natural sightings, animal migration, credit card use abroad, potential car rental issues and emergency road side assistance, health insurance, local currency, food and places to dine out, festivals and folk events, etiquette and protocol (if applicable), religions and traditions (if different from yours), basically anything you need to know before, during and after travel.

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