Case Ambassador

I am offering my services to newspapers, travel magazines, travel agencies or private individuals to solve travel related matters here or overseas.  Often times travelers get scammed abroad not knowing their rights, don’t know how to recover their money,  get road side assistance or emergency assistance, what to do in cases of inclement weather, how to return home should you lose your passport, overstay your visa or if your return flight gets cancelled.  What should you do if you get robbed or get into an accident needing medical care, how to register yourself before taking an extreme tour or if you travel to a war zone.

I do not provide legal services and I never guarantee full or partial recovery of your lost money or documents but I promise to do my very best in communicating and working with the companies that scammed you in addition to finding you attorneys, embassies or consulates, federal authorities, consumer protection agencies, police and legal enforcement offices, if applicable.